Weekly #Horoscope and Energy by susana colucci sept 17-23

The next seven days will be to cut your hair if you want to grow quickly (do not do it
as usual), to shave and weaken hair and to apply beauty treatments.

If you do not want to gain weight take care what you eat because your body will
assimilate more than other times what you eat, If you like to cure your furniture with
oils or leather goods do not miss the opportunity to do so.

This will be days to take advantage, because they correspond to the maximum
concentration, productivity and learning of the lunar cycle.

In the horoscope on Monday the daily activities are not at their best, so it is
convenient to carry on the day as daily as possible taking care not to fall into sadness
or depression that could affect your performance. If you feel that some emotion
dominates you and you are at risk of losing control, change your focus of attention,
take it to your breath, throwing all the air you have for that moment in the lungs and
then breathe consciously.

The usual risks, earthquakes followed by tsunami warning or the phenomenon itself,
floods, poisonings, epidemics, confusions, errors, rebellions, electrical failures,
problems with technology, rebellions, strange or violent behavior of nature or human
beings, deceptions, acts of corruption, poisonings, suicides, overdoses or fraud.
Fire, falls, shootings, violent actions, impulsive or crazy, fights, military actions,
problems with weapons, fire, speed, mechanical tools, during sports, carts, what is
hot, is red or sharp.

Use a color that makes you feel serene, the sandalwood incense and the music that
gives you a feeling of freedom. The key: to take care of what you think, say and do,
because those are the actions that define your life. From distant times in which Jesus
walked in sandals, he left us that advice, "be impeccable in thought, word and action"
... it is time we make the decision to do so.

On Tuesday plan your day as normally as possible. It looks intense, with difficulties to
control emotions and high probability of repeating unpleasant situations. The daily
activities might be at risk of being affected by the non-compliance of third parties.
It is the Wednesday of San Genaro, a special saint, because you can ask for
anything: to cure illnesses, to put an end to misfortunes, to make a profit in the lottery
(I do not recommend asking because you enter a waiting list somewhat long), that
supports you getting rid of the evil eye or that you get a couple with possibilities of

To do it, it will be enough for you to sew a candle with a wooden match and with the
certainty that it will help you, you will read your wish, which you will have written on a
piece of paper that you will leave next to the candle (taking the precautions of the
case). At the end of the day, burn the piece of paper and feel how you leave the
fulfillment in the hands of the Divine, then turn off the candle, but do not do it by
blowing. In Naples - Italy, a special mass is made and the same miracle always
happens, his blood that is in a reliquary goes from solid to liquid state.

It looks favorable on Thursday to perform meditations that allow you to honor the
spirits of light (you can sing the Radha Soami Deva Devi Radha Soami Sat Nam
mantra), get in touch with other planes or communicate with the angels. You can also
place candles to the ascended souls of your preference or honor your ancestors.
A day to be pending because you can present the opportunity to make important
decisions, those in which you have to choose between light and darkness ... I do not
think I need to tell you what is the option that suggests the horoscope.

If where you live, the month has been rainy it will be favorable on Friday, the day of
San Mateo, for planting.

Saturday will be of caring (and in the early hours of Sunday on all continents except
America) as the sun prepares to change sign. Better to plan it as daily as possible and
not start anything important unless you know the best astrological time to do it.

On Sunday, will be a special day because the season changes, the spring begins in the
southern hemisphere, autumn in the northern hemisphere, which activates the
possibility of coming into contact with the fairies, the Equinox, the day will last as
night, Sun changes sign, the Libra 2018 generation begins.

From this day, when you have to get up at dawn, the recommendation is that you
focus on interpersonal relationships (partner, partners, professionals) and give a rest
to the mind, to open yourself to the possibility that your decisions are guided by the
Divinity that resides in you.

Ends, in India, with the Ganesha Visarjan, the festival dedicated to that deity.

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