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Weekly #Horoscope and Energy by susana colucci sept 24 -30

This will be a special week, Pluto will begin to be "stopped" preparing to "return" to advance, which will happen on October 1 at the end of its retrogradation, only two retrograde planets in the astrological firmament will remain then, and we will all feel a new relief.
This momentum of Pluto is as if they were accumulating all the pending situations to then give results, produce outcomes or activate actions on the Banking, sites in which things are stored, other planes, depths, what is dark, emotions, sex, returns, releases, funerals, cemeteries, exhumations, rebellions, waste, hidden things, military service, repetitions, regeneration or rebirths ...
A nascent wave that if properly exploited can lead to long-awaited changes.
The ability to command, plan, prepare and organize will be activated in those who are sensitive to the energies it represents, especially to the ascendant Scorpio, as well as news about generals of the Second World War, the Metro, volcanoes, ex…

Weekly #Horoscope and Energy by susana colucci sept 17-23

The next seven days will be to cut your hair if you want to grow quickly (do not do it as usual), to shave and weaken hair and to apply beauty treatments.
If you do not want to gain weight take care what you eat because your body will assimilate more than other times what you eat, If you like to cure your furniture with oils or leather goods do not miss the opportunity to do so.
This will be days to take advantage, because they correspond to the maximum concentration, productivity and learning of the lunar cycle.
In the horoscope on Monday the daily activities are not at their best, so it is convenient to carry on the day as daily as possible taking care not to fall into sadness or depression that could affect your performance. If you feel that some emotion dominates you and you are at risk of losing control, change your focus of attention, take it to your breath, throwing all the air you have for that moment in the lungs and then breathe consciously.
The usual risks, earthquakes fol…

Weekly #Horoscope and energy by susana colucci sep 03 - 09

This week we will be closing a lunar cycle, you can take advantage to clean memories and free yourself from everything that is preventing you from getting what you have destined for you. To clean the spaces and order the place where you live and where you spend the majority of your time, the more well-being you feel, the more doors you open so that everything you need comes into your life. Throw what does not work, give away what you do not use. Repair what is damaged or broken and that you want to keep. Do not admit burned out bulbs (lightbulbs) or broken glass.

Make a list of those you have harmed or offended and apologize to them. If you are not already do it with the Divinity: "I am sorry for having ... forgive me, thank you I love you. "

Days to plan, design the mental maps and organize in your personal agenda what you want to do the month that begins in which it will be better to take things calmly and to rest whenever you feel tired keeping in mind that the solar ener…