Weekly #Horoscope and energy by susana colucci april 16-22

We begin this week well accompanied with the lunar cycle, the energies drive us to the activities that involve planting restlessness, ideas, little plants or everything that you need to leave there, beating and growing to then radiate with your own life and benefit. Perfect to start painting mandalas from the center (BindĂș)
The neurotransmitter that is associated with this phase is acetylcholine, which intervenes in many of the mental processes. It mediates in the processes of consciousness, attention and learning. In addition, it has an important role in the perception of pain so we will feel more sensitive.
We can say that the next seven days will be to participate in workshops, induction courses or actions that allow us to live in the present, fully aware of what happens around you.
This week is also to shape and initiate all the intentions to which corresponds their moment and not to fatigue you, because the process of recharging the energy is done.
Note that until further notice, we …

Weekly #Horoscope and energy by susana colucci april 09 - 15

At the end of this week, ends the retro gradation of Mercury ... we say "bye bye" and we all expect a relief from in what concerns, more than anything, to negotiations, documents, signatures, agreements, communications , conversations, studies and entrusts.
It will be a week of farewells because we also close a lunar cycle, the recommendation is to take advantage of it to clean spaces, move energies, do what helps us to let go ... weight, toxins, vices, resentments, worries, fears, memories, attachments, loves impossible, sadness, etc
If you cut your hair, trim the plants, shave your pet, the growth will be slow but strengthened. Detox will be more effective. On the contrary, it is not convenient to shave, unless you want to strengthen the hair
Take the opportunity to fulfill your obligations and pay your debts, that way you will be ready to start the next lunar period free of charges and open to receive on the path of prosperity.
There have been tests done that indicate that th…

Weekly #Horoscope and energy by susana colucci april 02-08

We initiate this week with the moon wandering to the quarter waning, which makes it ideal for social activities, celebrations and the ecology.

This period is known as the dopamine´s season (it is a neurotransmisor that generates a state of wellbeing), so it´s ideal to practice the second Yoga´s Niyama, known as Santosha, to enjoy what you do, do what you love and feeling joyful for what you have. To smile above all things!

On the other side, we´ll be wandering the low part of the lunar´s biorhythm for what programing you daily will help.

This will be ideal days to dye your hair or curl it. 

Important and well known people such as government workers and royalty need to be careful more than usual; there is a tendency for falls and other type of accidents, resignments, being fired or displaced from power.

We still have retrograde Mercury, so you should have present some things such as: be careful when you speak or with what you leave in writing, so that later you do not have to retract. 

It sa…

#April: dates, moons and astrological recommendations

Smile - mandala by @susanacolucci
Every month has its magic, and April is special. It is the month of the fairies, in the north hemisphere the gardens start flowering, and in the south the leaves have autumn´s colors. The fairies feel happy with the nature.   
I love fairies with their tiny lights that brighten my nights .They travel in the air in making forms of mots and colored dragonflies. With them the garden comes to life specially if they have rocks with holes and fresh water jars. 
The Month is starting, in this opportunity, with a lowing energy, as the quarter waning comes close for it is not convenient starting new projects until the New moon´s week, but you can use the first days for the social and ecological matters and making those activities that make you feel at peace with yourself.
The first is the day for pranks in several countries, in Italy is known as “Pesce d´Aprile” and in the USA as “Fool´s Day”. It is also celebrated in France, Finland, Australia, Germany, Belgic, U…