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Weekly #Horoscope and Energy by susana colucci jun 25 - jul 01

Take advantage of this week until Thursday, energies boost productivity, effectiveness and everything that has to increase or grow. For those who take care of their figure, until the full moon, it is time to pay more attention to what they eat, avoiding excesses and food that are most assimilated. Those who want to fatten or "load" to then increase muscle volume take advantage, it's time to eat!
There are those who say that, in this phase, between crescent and full moon, it is more difficult for the clothes to be washed well so the suggestion is that if it touches you, you are doing it.
Avoid undergoing scheduled surgeries or tooth extraction, the more the moon grows, the more likely it is that there will be difficulties in the postoperative period and in the healing of wounds. In this phase, the body has a natural disposition to absorb everything in greater quantity or faster. Take advantage then to benefit from beauty treatments in general.
Horoscope recommends that you d…

Weekly #Horoscope and Energy by susana colucci jun 18-24

This week we begin to see retrograde Neptune at the beginning of the week. People with ascendant Pisces should put a little more in everything they do, mostly to avoid confusion, deception or mistakes.
When everyday activities are related to that planet, the forecast will be generalized. There will be times when both Pisces and Virgo will be more sensitive to this announcement.
During the virtual retreat of the King of the Oceans, whenever you are going to perform a spiritual activity it will be favorable to protect yourself with a prayer of your preference or with the Om Straya Path mantra that must be repeated three times before starting it.
It will increase the likelihood of intoxication, choking or suffering from asthma; of people telling lies, suicides and unpleasant experiences sailing, in the cinema, theater, clinics, during drinks, in places of seclusion, hotels or rest, fog and lack of clarity. It is imperative to protect the feet, the rubbers, the bathroom, the pipes, the bases…

Weekly #Horoscope and Energy by susana colucci jun 11-17

This Monday the energies will be in favor of carrying out meditations in which we seek to make contact with other planes or understand what happens after this life. Also reinforce your intentions by lighting a candle to the entity from other planes of your choice and request, before going to sleep, whispered advice in your dreams.
There will be work issues that require acceptance (which does not imply resignation), in love avoid new encounters and rests in health. There will be danger where there is water, especially near rivers.
The horoscope says that you should be aware of what is happening around you to realize when it is recommended to retire quietly. Do what you have to do and undo yourself lovingly if you feel burdened, if you need help and you have a woman next door count on her. Those energies are the ones that accumulate with emotions or stress, like fires, that if you do not know how to placate they end up burning yourself. That is why Buddha told us that staying in a state o…

Weekly #Horoscope and Energy by susana colucci jun 04-10

This week seems to be intense (as much or more than the past in which we lived, among others things, the forced destitution of Mariano Rajoy in Spain, the release of some political prisoners in Venezuela, the president of the OAS declared it appropriate to ask the Hague for an investigation for crimes against humanity to the president of Venezuela, in Nicaragua the repression of the protesters who requested the resignation of Ortega resulted in dozens of deaths ...), we also saw how the announcements were made regarding the rulers with the Rajoy and the resignation of the Prime Minister of Italy. World convulsed.
This week´s horoscope tells about a high probability of accidents especially involving prominent people and air accidents, it says that we must properly address the present force and avoid abnormalities in the love life (we could learn about this type of events associated with royalty, leaders or characters). It warns about storms, shootings, attacks or terrorists also about f…